Photography services

"The lighting is amazing! The pictures are a sample of who I am; they capture me in the best way. You are a true artist, and I cannot wait to work with you more!"
Ernesto Tamayo, Classical Guitarist,

"Your eye for locations, angles and lighting always make your photographs into works of living art. The fun you bring to each session breathes sparkle into the moment. Thanks for adding your beauty to every shot. You are an artist of the highest caliber. Blessings to you."
Pamela Whitman, Flutist & Producer,

"Frequently when we are afraid to make a giant leap to follow our soul, we are pushed. You have a terrific eye. The photos are wonderful and show your broad range."
Mark Thiessen, Staff Photographer, National Geographic

"I love your butterfly." (A hand-written note sent via USPS, enclosed were drawings of a flower and sun and a heart, plus a real nickel.)
Kyle, age 5

"Well done for your work and for the interview (with RedBubble)! I loved your line 'leave the mechanical and go for gut feelings' - it really is the only way to be honest with our art and it also gives the best results. Your personal portrait is deeply touching and you have a great eye/feel for color and the environment around you. Many thanks for your kind words."
Doug Faircloth, Photographer

"You are very courageous and inspirational. I’m honored beyond belief that you consider my work daring. I’ve honestly been questioning my artistic worth lately and you have given me the purpose and validation that I had lost in myself. Bless you for that. I’m so fortunate to be able to call you friend….. peace and light."